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My Story is a simple way to share the story of how God has impacted your life and explore the stories of others. Record a video telling your story, select a scripture that has impacted you, and share the finished story with others letting them know that God has changed your life.


Lindsey's Story

This is my story

  • Hunted House

    Not fun

  • The Time I Found J......

    The time I found God

  • Miranda's Story

    This is my story about how God changed my life

  • Painful Circumstan......

    Jesus over came the world

  • God's Promise

    God’s Promise

  • Broken Faith

    My walk with God

  • A Place Ive Never ......

    A place ive never been before

  • I Am Nothing Like ......

    If Job can make it through so can i

Kelly's Story

This is my story about how I was scared of death, ......

Jesse's Story

God is My Strength

  • Whatever I Have, W......

    Thank you for not giving up on me

  • A New Beginning

    Ive never lost you

  • Before You Trust Y......

    Trust God

  • Mary's Story

    He is giving you the answers. Just listen!!!

  • Mike's Story

    God stories

  • Not Knowing What L......

    I chose to have life purpose when i chose Jesus Ch......

  • Larissa knows Jesu......

    How my life changed after knowing Jesus Christ

  • Brother Jonathan's......

    This is my salvation story

Amanda's Story

Salvation and My Purpose